Writer’s Block Solutions

Have you ever stared at a blank page, contemplating how to best describe what your business is up to or how to share a story that engages your audience? You’re hardly alone!

Writer’s Block Solutions works with you to produce fresh, unique content that is useful, relevant, and well-written. Using storytelling to engage your community both attracts new prospects and keeps your business top of mind for your existing clientele.

In a time when communication and connection have become so important, here’s some information about member – Writer’s Block Solutions:

What do you do at Writer’s Block Solutions?

We create original, compelling content for businesses and individuals. Our backgrounds in journalism and English help us produce polished, professional writing that is authentic to our clients’ desired messaging and voice. We specialize in producing engaging and informative articles for websites, newsletters, and blogs, as well as developing copy for website and social ‘About’ sections. Our team is very experienced in creating and distributing press releases, such as for businesses announcing news or promoting events. Another specialty of ours is delivering Q&A features that are generally packaged as ongoing series’ and used to elevate a brand and, in turn, build a following and community. Often our original work is pushed to social platforms to drive engagement with meaningful content. We also provide support by proofreading or copy editing large documents, and by refining website copy and making over LinkedIn pages. We are interested in building ongoing relationships with our clients to support their immediate needs and help them reach their larger goals over the longer-term. We are open-minded, creative, and committed professionals who love to work with all kinds of companies; however, our sweet spot is working with business associations, social and economic organizations, innovative tech companies, lifestyle and adventure publications, as well as animal, environmental, and sport-affiliated organizations. We align with companies and organizations that promote their services and expertise by putting their clients’ or members’ stories in the spotlight.

What inspired you to start your business?

After exiting the newspaper industry, I worked in various communications positions, including technical writer/media for an engineering firm and annual giving coordinator in the non-profit sector. I found that no matter what type of job I was taking on in the communications realm, I always excelled at the media and marketing part of the job. In the early days, I complemented my work with assignments from friends or former colleagues; eventually I realized the West Kootenay region could benefit from my skills. After completing the Self Employment program through Community Futures over two years ago, I launched my company and joined forces with my long-time friend and talented editor, Kyla Girling. With Kyla located in Delta, BC and Writer’s Block Solutions headquarters in Rossland, BC, it’s natural that we are primarily focusing our services in the West Kootenay and Lower Mainland; however, we are also expanding our services to BC’s Okanagan region.

What does your writing process look like?

While each project varies, our general process for producing content involves the same steps:

  • Prewriting – confirm best format(s) and draft outline
  • Researching – undertake investigation and analysis, gather information
  • Interviewing – contact subjects and conduct interviews via the preferred method
  • Writing – put the words to paper, as the saying goes
  • Revising – submit draft copy for feedback, complete fact-checking, and make edits
  • Publishing – polish final content and deliver and/or distribute for publishing

How can businesses benefit from a professional content writer?

Using storytelling to engage your community both attracts new prospects and keeps your business top of mind for your existing clientele. We work with you to produce fresh, unique content that is useful, relevant, and well-written. High-quality content is key; business people from all fields are learning the value in hiring a professional to get the job done. Often our clients are great writers but don’t have the capacity to take on another project; at times, we even support media and marketing teams. Some other clients have little to no experience with media and marketing, but provide expert services that we turn into engaging copy. Because it’s often difficult to share or promote your own story, that’s where we come in: we love to tell stories and can’t wait to hear yours.

How do you ensure your customers leave satisfied?

We take great care when onboarding our clients; taking the time to develop a plan both parties agree to and setting reasonable expectations benefits both parties. Because we are naturally curious professionals, we ask our clients many questions before recommending the type of services that we feel will benefit them most. We always provide a timeline and deliver our services on time. We are true professionals and our deliverables are well researched, fact-checked and high quality. We invite our customers to review what we produce for them and are open to feedback, edits, and changes when requested. Staying open-minded and flexible makes us easy to work with, and we like to engage with others who operate the same way.

If there is anything you’d like to add?

We recognize that COVID-19 may have disrupted many businesses at this time; our thoughts are with those who have had to make difficult decisions for their companies. We have spent the past few months supporting our clients with internal and external operations messaging. We have also been fortunate to continue with projects that have highlighted business community innovators who have adapted and pivoted during the pandemic. We have found that more than ever, communication is vital. While the economy further opens up over the summer and into the fall, we are all moving forward with caution and new experiences under our belt. Many lessons were learned the past few months, and we look forward to a bright future supporting our clients with copywriting and editing that will strengthen their relationships, open a dialogue, and build a community that supports their efforts.