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Dr. Brenda Gill is a speaker, writer and female natural medicine doctor. With over 20 years of experience, she focuses on solving health issues rather than providing a band-aid solution. She became interested in naturopathic medicine after she witnessed her father’s treatment for colon cancer and felt there must be better way. Brenda then made the huge leap from teaching high school to being a student herself. After graduating, she wanted to live in an area that was vibrant, had small town caring & involvement and access to outdoor activities… so Rossland it was!

Dr. Brenda’s amazing ability to connect ALL the pieces of information that make up a person’s unique situation is the key to getting clients to feel the way they want to feel. People describe Dr. Brenda as a smart cookie. She’s known for giving the best specific tools and strategies that work while coaching with compassion and understanding.  Her solutions have amazed clients at how quickly they turn around.

As a regular contributor to the Rossland Telegraph, the Trail Times, and the Nelson Daily, Dr. Brenda is always looking for interesting topics to feature in her articles or talk shows. Herself and her work have been featured in many health magazines such as HANS and have been aired on the station CJLY-FM. At a local college, she often teaches “How to” courses as well.

She’s been answering health questions for over 20 years, but her commitment is to accurately inform the public. She doesn’t just believe in giving fantastic solutions, she wants them to make educated decisions and take charge of their health. Dr. Brenda will do everything in her power to create a healthy, pro-active client that has the energy to take on the world!

Contact: Dr. Brenda Gill at, 250-362-5035 or