Social Curve Media & Web Management

Social Curve Media & Web Management specializes in helping small businesses expand their online presence.  They offer social media management, website design, and live event coverage at prices small businesses can afford, with easy to manage websites that any business owner can use. A mutual desire for a business with flexible hours and a commitment to putting their families first is what brought Leanne Mulder and Angela Leonard together to create Social Curve. It was a natural fit for Leanne, who completed courses in copywriting and social media marketing to join forces with local artist Angela, who had ample creativity and experience designing websites, creating a business with all the tools to help your small business expand online.

Leanne & Angela’s unconventional start is what allows them to help small businesses effectively. Since their expertise is more experiential rather than from formal education, Social Curve offers its services at lower prices than traditional web design and marketing firms. While traditional web designers may be able to build beautiful, complicated websites, Angela says that’s not what most small business owners need: “What we want to do is build websites that are easily manageable to pass them on to the small business owner that doesn’t have the time. Everything is set up, so it is really easy for them to go in and make changes if they need to.” Owners get exactly what they need in a website designed by Social curve— stylish design, functionality, and simplicity. Better yet, their web design service includes one year of support so you can continue to make changes as you learn all the things an incredible website can do for you.

An online presence can help new and established businesses to reach a new clientele. For new business digital marketing is a cost-effective way to get your name out there and gain customers whereas established businesses can expand their existing clientele. It is easy for owners of established businesses to believe that an online presence is unnecessary since they’ve done well without it, but Social Curve believes there is always room to grow. Angela remarks that as new businesses open up, more people are drawn to the region: “The first thing visitor will do is google ‘where’s the best cup of coffee in Trail?’ and see that your website or Facebook comes up,” she says. It’s not just visitors who will find your business online— locally, businesses can expand their reach by tapping into the younger generation. “The younger generation is going to find your business online,” Leanne adds, “their first instinct is to google it.”

It isn’t enough just to have a social media presence, Leanne explains, you must create good content that is current. That is itself is basically a full-time job. “Things come in and out so fast,” says Leanne, “For a small business you have to jump on the bandwagon of what is trending and get your business known. Even Facebook itself is always changing— the algorithm changes so frequently but it’s important to know what it’s favouring so that your content can get shown.” Angela understands how this can be intimidating for small business owners, “I’m an artist. I do paintings and at the end of a long paint session, I don’t want to write a blog, or think up of some content for my social media accounts. So, I know it’s the same for the small business owners in this town; you want to do the business you love… the website thing is just hanging over your head because you have to go home and do that too so that’s exactly what we offer— we’ll do that for you.”

The goal at Social Curve is not to rapidly grow their business into a massive operation, rather, Leanne & Angela strive to offer personalized and dedicated service to the clients they decide to take on. They offer free twenty-minute consultations to prospective customers, and one-year support after building a website. If you’re looking to expand your business through online marketing, or just hoping to remove arduous task of updating social media from your shoulder, Social Curve is an excellent choice for your website, social media, and live event coverage needs.