Rossland Telegraph

The Rossland Telegraph is a locally owned and operated, independent publication providing local, provincial and national news items in addition to opinion pieces and columns meant to provoke thought in readers. Notably, Sara Golling, editor of The Rossland Telegraph, writes a “Council Matters” report for Rosslanders who want complete and accurate coverage of decisions by their City Council, minus the “click-bait” headlines.

The Rossland Telegraph was founded in 2008 by Adrian Barnes, a local author, with his friend David Livingston. Soon the Telegraph expanded as “Lone Sheep Publishing” with four online franchises: the Trail Champion, the Castlegar Source, The Nelson Daily, and the Boundary Sentinel. Sara took over the Rossland Telegraph in early 2015, at Barnes’s request.
Though the original partnership no longer exists and the publications are now each independently owned and operated businesses, Sara says the publications continue to use an updated version of the original platform and enjoy a close relationship, so you’ll find some articles shared among the five publications. “I always report on Rossland Council, because I think community members should have the opportunity to be well-informed about our local government,” Sara explains. The other stories published are meant to be relevant or interesting to residents; as the editor, she states, “I try to publish items that I think people need to know, or articles that encourage people to think about the important issues facing us today.”

Readers of the Rossland Telegraph can access the excellent content by visiting the website, liking the Facebook page, and by subscribing to a free weekly reminder newsletter featuring four of the week’s new articles. (Look for the “Virtual Paperboy” at the bottom of the page.)

Known for “detailed and non-opinionated reports on City Council meetings” and interesting editorials, the Rossland Telegraph is an excellent resource for Rossland residents hoping to become more informed about the region and province. Sara also wants people with an interest in news media, writing and being an editor to know that she’s old and getting older all the time, and looking for a suitable successor to take over the Rossland Telegraph. Sara invites anyone interested to get in touch.