Bock & Associates

BOCK AND ASSOCIATES is a recognized leader in workforce development offering organizations and leaders over 30 years of well-rounded experience in workplace and program development. Their expertise is ‘building coaching cultures’ and working with organizations to create an exceptional and engaged workforce. Sue Bock, owner of Bock and Associates has been recognized for her outstanding work within the coaching and business sector. Sue is known for developing BOLD leaders and STRONG coaches.

On April 26th and 27th Sue will be offering a one and a half-day coaching workshop with co-owner and colleague, Julie Butcher. Together they have created Trilogy Leadership© and part of that system is their hands-on and practical model of Trilogy Coaching Conversation©. It was designed from their philosophy that Relationships Impact Results©. The model offers leaders a way to integrate coaching into their day to day work, building accountability and success with their teams.

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Sue is a solid member of the Chamber movement. She sat on the local board years ago as well as represented the district Chambers on the provincial board for almost 9 years. Sue believes every business should be a member of their local Chamber to ensure a strong and collective business voice is leveraged municipally as well as provincially. It’s a great gateway for small business to influence the policy changes they need to thrive.

Bock workshop