Business Reach Marketing & Social Media


Business Reach Marketing & Social Media is a growing business helping Kootenay businesses expand into, and enhance, social platforms & digital marketing.

Ona Stanton took a year off in 2017 and inspired by a webinar on social media and digital marketing, spent the year and beyond training in the field.  Ona started Business Reach Marketing & Social Media in 2018, filling a gap she had noticed in the Kootenay region. It was the perfect job, combining her education (Bachelor of Management) and her seventeen years of professional office experience with her passion for digital marketing.

“I had five criteria about my ideal job,” Ona said, when asked about creating her business, “I wanted a flexible schedule, a business that could be taken anywhere, with opportunities to earn income, to grow the business, and to help people”. Her desire to help will certainly leave customers of Business Reach Marketing satisfied as Ona offers personalized support and innovative ideas to guide her clients through the social media ‘landscape’.

“Businesses, and social media, are built on connections.” The Social Media Strategist credits making community connections for her entrepreneurial success. Anyone seeking to expand their business onto a digital medium and increase their ‘business reach’ will not be disappointed with Business Reach Marketing & Social Media’s customized social media solutions and strategies.