Tourism Rossland

Tourism Rossland is Rossland’s Destination Management Organisation and works collaboratively with input from all Rossland tourism stakeholders. The organisation is a registered non-profit society which was formed in 2007.

The mission of the organisation is to work in a fair and unbiased manner to grow trossland Rossland’s year round tourism economy within the context of the community’s vision and values.

Tourism Rossland works collaboratively with funding leveraged through numerous partnerships with tourism industry stakeholders, including the City of Rossland, as well as through Kootenay Rockies Tourism, Destination BC and the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Managing by objectives, Tourism Rossland leads, directs and manages tourism development on behalf of Rossland by building on the existing strengths of local businesses and organizations, by being inclusive in nature, and developing strategic alliances.

The DMO supports local business and industry to improve product to meet changing market demands. By two-way communication, stakeholders will provide input into the process to achieve the objectives.

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